Summer days

Summer days
I wish everyday was a beach walk.

Monday, 31 October 2011

The Halloween Party.

This past weekend found my husband and I at a Halloween Party. This was our first Halloween party we have ever found ourselves at in the 10 years since becoming parents. We are new to the Halloween scene, so we went with something fun, yet simple.  As big fans of Mad Men we went for the 1960's husband and wife and although it was a tad understated compared to the other mass murders, vampires and witches alike,we enjoyed playing the role. In fact that evening we sat down with a glass of wine and put on some "Bleeker Street" by Simon & Garfunkel. I was applying, and reapplying my "retro red " lips and telling the children to "run along now".  I was really getting into my Betty Draperish role. It turned out to be a good evening, a lot of laughs and after heading out for an evening of dancing I found myself researching which character I could become for next year's adventure. (My husbands hoping for a scantily clad lady cop.)

  Halloween is not my favorite holiday, in fact Halloween is not a holiday at all. We don't get a day off for it. It's just a day we celebrate and sometimes it can be a pain in my ass.

 However this year I finally understood that I had been depriving myself of the chance to be someone else for the night. All of the adults were having a great time! Cleopatra, was never as carefree in her life as she was this night. Cruella Devil, was both mean and as cute as a button, and the Hippies, were well what every good hippie should be...! I will admit, I was a tad rusty at staying in character ( double rye and gingers didn't help either) but I did have great time and who knows? Maybe next year I will be asking you for your "license and registrations please".

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