Summer days

Summer days
I wish everyday was a beach walk.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Vitamin D!!

I have been dreaming of vacation.
The sun,sand, beach .... peace and quiet.  There is a beach that is just so beautiful back in P.E.I where I am from. I like to think of it as "my" beach.  My best friend and I would walk for hours and contemplate life, love and our futures.  Those were the days when we thought we had it figured all out and optimism was not hard to come by.

Even when my life seems to be in shambles or just everyday stresses of work and family life seem to weigh a little heavy.  All I need is to walk on the beach, barefoot and happy.  The smell of salt air and sound of seagulls in the distance, cleanse the soul and the mind.   Food tastes better, skin feels softer, and life a little lighter.

I often day dream of moving back to the P.E.I. but in my daydreams it is an eternal P.E.I. summer. Up with the sunset in a rustic cottage on the beach.  Coffee on the porch while the tide goes out.  Weeding your vegetable garden and puttering around your place.  Calling on old friends who have nothing more to do than talk to you. Reading a book in the sun on the beach. Stretching out and having a nap in a hammock between two of the oldest trees on your property.  This is the stuff that I dream about. Hopefully one day will be my future.

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