Summer days

Summer days
I wish everyday was a beach walk.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Writing again!

I started writing again in the New Year. Actually a day before the New Year started I had an old idea resurface. The idea was one from 10 years ago. But it had been reworked and matured in that time.  I am pumped. I know that it's good, because well I can't stop thinking about it, writing about and I am filling up pages that I can chip away at later.  I know that the rough draft is just that, and out of the hundreds of pages I will write I will have to whittle it down searching for the gem beneath.

But how do you contain a thought while kids are running around, swearing they are hungry again. You see where I live Christmas Vacation is taking forever. It has dragged on for 2 looong weeks!! Actually they don't return to school until next Wednesday?!! I may loose my freaking mind.  They are sleeping in a little too long and they are staying up a little later each night. Just enough that you don't notice at first, until your ten year old saunters out of her room at 11pm claiming she just finished the first Harry Potter Book and wants to discuss it. (At first I was excited!! Anything to get away from Edward Cullen ) But then I looked at the time, and sighed. Because that's all I could do. I let that happen.  

So then I am up til 1 am writing in (finally) peace and quiet of the house. Writing and eating left over candies, makes for a very cranky mother in the morning.  
But I'm writing again!!!

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